September 6, 2023

Manna Pro Announces Two New YouTube YolkTube Episodes for Backyard Chicken Owners

Manna Pro, a division of Compana Pet Brands, a global leader in pet care and nutrition, announces two new Season 3 YouTube YolkTube by City Yolks infotainment episodes for backyard chicken owners.

Season 3, Episode 1, provides step by step guidance on installing an automatic coop door that provides worry-free security to protect chickens from predators. Episode 2 discusses how to identify and prevent common chicken diseases and features Maurice Pitesky, University of California Davis faculty member with an appointment in poultry heath, food safety and epidemiology.

“The YolkTube channel is designed to be a fun and educational community for chicken owners to learn about all aspects of caring for their feathered families,” said Lucas Stock, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications, Manna Pro. “Those raising chickens for the first time as well as experienced flock owners can benefit from the videos in learning how to optimize the health and wellbeing of their birds.”

“The YolkTube by City Yolks community is also a great opportunity for fellow flock parents to interact online,” continued Stock. “Manna Pro is pleased to provide the YolkTube venue and looks forward to uploading future videos that inspire, delight and assist owners in nurturing their fabulous flocks.”

YolkTube by City Yolks is a community where backyard chicken owners can grow their flock care knowledge, have fun and connect. The infotainment video series helps chicken lovers raise backyard chickens with ease. Topics include DIY backyard coops, nutritional tips, breed information, chicken behaviors and more!

Watch the YouTube episodes and subscribe to the @YolkTubeByCityYolks channel today.

For more information about Manna Pro visit Compana Pet Brands.


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