May 18, 2022

Marcoot Jersey Creamery Partners with AFCO Distribution & Milling

Marcoot® Jersey Creamery, makers of Dog-O’s treats, has gained a new distribution partner in AFCO Distribution and Milling, which supports pet specialty retailers in eight Northwestern states: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming.

Building off the early success of Dog-O’s 100 percent Cheesy Chompers Dog 100 percent Cheese Treats, the company is proud to launch “new for ‘22” Dog-O’s Cheesy Chompers with Real USA Bacon Dog Treats, Dog-O’s Cheese Bites and Dog-O’s Ice Doggy Frozen Protein Dog Treats.

The AFCO partnership will introduce Dog-O’s growing product line, all sourced, produced and packaged fresh daily on the Marcoot’s 7th generation family farm in Greenville, IL, to independent pet specialty retailers.

Amy Marcoot, Co-Owner of family-owned Marcoot Jersey Creamery said, “We are thrilled to partner with AFCO and most effectively serve independent retailer relationships all along the Northwest Regions that share our values supporting pet specialty retailers and love our artisanal USA cheese treats. Each of our Dog-O’s treats are made with the same care and consideration that our cheese for humans is made each and every day, and we greatly appreciate the support of the pet industry as a whole and retailers and distributors like AFCO that believe in our products as much as we do.”

Judee High, Pet Category Manager of AFCO Distribution & Milling added, “AFCO is thrilled to have added the Dog-O’s product line of 100 percent USA Cheese Treats to our brand portfolio. Offering top quality, innovative product lines available for our dealers is one of our top priorities and Dog-O’s certainly fits that bill! The AFCO team is very excited about the opportunity to be a Dog-O’s distribution partner.

Dog-O’s inaugural product, Cheesy Chompers and NEW Cheesy Chompers with Real Bacon are available in two sizes: Small Dog and Medium/Large Dog, with continual plans for further expansion and development of the brand in the very near future. PDQ displays are also available for a shelf-friendly, eye-catching presentation.

Dog-O’s is also launching “new for ‘22” products in the raw-friendly freezer section: Dog-O’s Cheese Bites and Dog-O’s Ice Doggy which are protein-packed whey frozen mini-cup sized treats for dogs. Educational training materials for retailers are also available from the company to help promote new/repeat business.

For more about Dog-O’s, how to order or how to become a retailer or distribution partner for this fast-growing line, visit Dog-Os Treats. For more on Marcoot Jersey Creamery, visit Marcoot Jersey Creamery.


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