October 11, 2023

Matrix Partners Helps Launch Natoo in US

Latin America-based PremieRpet, the first company to produce super premium food in Brazil, recently launched Natoo, a brand specializing in high-quality nutrition for dogs and cats created with American consumers in mind. Now, Natoo has enlisted the help of Matrix Partners to provide their marketing expertise across multiple channels as the brand looks to grow its presence in the US market.

With more than 30 years of pet industry experience, Matrix Partners will utilize its distinguished background to help raise brand awareness and connect with pet parents and potential customers through influencer marketing and social media campaigns. Additionally, the agency will offer trade public relations services in conjunction with creating sales materials and providing trade show and distributor support.

“PremieRpet is already a successful, well-established brand in the Brazilian market who, in addition to providing pets with exceptional nutrition, is committed to promoting sustainable initiatives throughout their operations,” commented Don Tomala, Managing Partner at Matrix Partners. “Natoo is exactly what today’s pet parents are looking for and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce this wonderful brand to consumers in America.”

A company formed by pet lovers and scientists, Natoo specializes in evidence-based, optimal nutrition that supports the health and happiness of pets. With DNA that’s rooted in innovation, they’re focused on delivering high-quality nutrition so that pets can live longer, happier lives. Their products are produced in their very own ecological facility in sunny Brazil and are prepared with the finest ingredients, all of which are carefully selected and follow strict quality standards.

For more information on Natoo, visit Natoo Pet Foods. To learn about Matrix Partners, visit Matrix1 or email hello@matrix1.com.

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