June 15, 2022

McLovin’s Pet Unveils New E-Commerce Destination and Expands Product Offerings

McLovin’s Pet, an all-natural modern pet food company, has announced a new direct-to-consumer platform and membership subscription aimed to celebrate healthy living habits and what a modern lifestyle can be with your beloved pets.

Founded in 2021 by a team of pet parents, the business expansion offers an opportunity to learn more about sustainable practices that address pet health of all ages and breeds. It’s a resource for pet parents to experience more moments together as they learn the benefits of skin, coat, immunity support, weight management and calming wellness practices.

Flexible subscriptions are available on Mclovinspet.com, where pet parents can order or skip a delivery based on their fur babies’ schedules. Points can be earned when purchasing products and engaging through various touch points on the site for additional incentives as part of McLovin’s Loyalty Program.

“It’s an exciting time for a savvy and digital-first approach to pet health,” shared Miao Kang, Chief Marketing Officer at McLovin’s Pet. “We’re on a mission to define ways McLovin’s Pet can be a nutritious solution and accessible shopping destination for happy pets and happy parents. Our platform offers a wide range of valuable resources that improve pet families’ lives and love.”

In honor of the e-commerce destination, the company expanded its offerings by unveiling premium freeze-dried dog meals across the US and Canada, rounding out its product portfolio of dog and cat freeze-dried treats, toppers and affordable pet accessories.

The company’s science-based approach to premium ingredients and biologically appropriate raw nutrition begins with fresh preserving methods by trusted farmers, ranchers and fishermen formulated for pets’ overall well-being and gut happiness. Foods are gently freeze-dried to preserve the freshness, original flavors and nourishing qualities of fresh chicken, meat, fish, fruits and veggies, guaranteed with essential vitamins pets need for maximum vitality.

“Exposure to the pet industry’s environment has shown us its opportunities and sustainable trends. McLovin’s provides people with the healthiest products at affordable prices,” said David Ji, Co-Founder and CEO of McLovin’s Pet. “The planet is our kitchen, and we believe in a shared community that promotes transparency, style and kindness through loving our pets, starting with their gut. Our gentle freeze-drying techniques guarantee that pets get the maximum nutrients and vitamins they need for a better quality of life free from artificial ingredients, hormones and preservatives.”

McLovin’s Pet Premium Freeze-Dried Dog meals are available for purchase on Mclovinspet.com with three new flavors dogs of all breeds, ages:

  • The Butcher’s Choice in red meat is $44.99/16 oz or $86.99/32 oz
  • Nana’s Dish featuring chicken and pumpkin is $44.99/16 oz or $86.99/32 oz
  • Land and Ocean combining lamb and salmon is $59.99/16 oz or $109.99/32oz

Coming online this summer, McLovin’s Pet will debut Premium Freeze-Dried Cat Meals.


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