March 29, 2024

Modern Animal Announces Partnership with DOG PPL

Modern Animal, a veterinary medicine company, has announced its strategic partnership with DOG PPL, LA’s first canine social club. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the landscape of pet wellness and community engagement to inspire, educate and support pet parents in their quest to provide healthy and enriching experiences for their pets.

With a shared commitment to animal wellness and enrichment, Modern Animal and DOG PPL are dedicated to setting new standards in how we care for our pets. Both entities embody a philosophy centered on excellence, evident in their meticulously designed facilities, rigorous health and safety standards and customer-centric experiences.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with DOG PPL as we share a common vision of elevating pet wellness and fostering a supportive community of pet owners,” said Steven Eidelman, CEO and Co-founder of Modern Animal. “Together, we will leverage our expertise and resources to educate and empower pet parents in Southern California and beyond.”

Through this alliance, members of Modern Animal and DOG PPL will enjoy a myriad of shared benefits. Leveraging their respective membership offerings, both will provide exclusive events and perks for each other’s communities. Additionally, the partnership will result in co-branded content, harnessing Modern Animal’s medical expertise to educate audiences on preventive care, dog park safety and the profound impact of play on a dog’s quality of life through collaborative social media posts.

“DOG PPL believes wholeheartedly that our dogs deserve only the best and that’s exactly why we couldn’t be more excited to announce our partnership with Modern Animal,” said DOG PPL Co-founders Alex Esguerra and Liam Underwood. “When two companies like ours share the same mission—to elevate the lives of our dogs and the people who love them—we are destined to come together and do great things.”

For more information about Modern Animal and its partnership with DOG PPL, click here and Dog PPL.

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