April 18, 2024

Modern Pet Wellness Brand WagWell Expands into Fully Cooked, Freeze-Dried Treats

WagWell, a modern dog wellness brand committed to making sustainable, functional and best-in-class products, proudly announces the launch of its fully-cooked, Freeze-Dried Treats. This latest addition, following the successful debut of its supplement line featuring Ahiflower Oil, a plant-based omega alternative, underscores WagWell’s commitment to elevating canine well-being by delivering innovative and efficacious products. As with their supplements, WagWell treats are loved by dogs for their flavor and by pet parents for containing the simplest yet highest quality, most effective ingredients. Available for $17 in two delectable flavors, Beef and Cheese, these single-ingredient treats are fully-cooked using human-grade ingredients to ensure the highest level of safety and then freeze-dried to preserve their nutrients and flavor.

“In our mission of creating the trusted go-to dog wellness platform, we are proud to launch the first of its kind fully-cooked, freeze-dried treats,” shared William Smolen, Co-Founder and CEO of WagWell. “We are excited to partner with goop, which leads the industry in our aligned values of wellness, innovation and intentional ingredients, to offer our treats in their retail stores”.

WagWell’s Fully-Cooked, Freeze-Dried Treats are meticulously crafted in U.S. facilities, boasting all-natural, minimally processed, human-grade ingredients, without fillers, corn, wheat or soy. Each batch undergoes microbe testing to ensure utmost safety and quality. As a versatile tasty treat, use them as a food topper, reconstituted in water or as a healthy high-protein snack.

WagWell’s Fully-Cooked, Freeze-Dried Treats will be available online at WagWell, via Amazon and in select goop stores commencing in May. For the latest updates, follow them on Instagram and TikTok @WagwellPet.


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