September 29, 2022

Mondou Launches 8th Annual Mondou Mondon Campaign Supporting the MIRA Foundation

Mondou is launching the 8th edition of its Mondou Mondon campaign for the MIRA Foundation. This fundraising campaign, which has become a yearly tradition, will run until Nov. 13 in the 80 Mondou stores across Quebec and online at

Since it was first launched, the Mondou Mondon campaign for the Mira Foundation has raised $2.5 million which contributed to improving the quality of life and well-being of thousands of individuals with visual or physical impairments or with autism spectrum disorders living in Quebec.

“On behalf of the entire Mondou family, I wish to take the opportunity to warmly thank Quebecers for their incredible generosity, which has allowed us to support Mira’s essential mission for the past eight years. In total, we were able to give back $2.5 million to the community thanks to the extraordinary contribution of our loyal customers, our devoted employees and our precious partners and suppliers. Mondou’s objective this year is to raise an additional $450,000 to support MIRA, a cause we feel so strongly about and that is at the core of our values. For this reason, we call upon you to give generously, starting today, and we invite you to participate in large numbers over the course of this campaign,” said Pierre Leblanc, Mondou’s general manager.

This year, Mondou offers two easy and practical ways to take part in the Mondou Mondon campaign for the Mira Foundation either by visint one of the 80 Mondou stores in Quebec or online at Mondou.

Several items whose sale will benefit the Mira Foundation will also be available for purchase at and in store:

  • The new Woof Pack Box, which combines an assortment of dog treats and toys, sold for $23.99 ($12 will go towards the cause);
  • The Mondou emergency keychain with a “Save my pet” card, sold for $6.99 ($4.50 will go towards to the cause). In the event of an accident or an emergency, the keychain indicates that a pet is home alone and invites the person who finds it to check the card in the wallet for key information, such as the name of the person to contact and details about the animal in need of care.
  • An all-new model of the MIRA plush is available for $14.99 ($6 will go towards the cause);
  • Back by popular demand, the MIRA calendar is on sale for $6. Following tradition, the 2023 edition will feature the photos of the pets owned by the 14 winners of an annual photo contest held by Mondou. It should be noted that 100 percent of profits from the sale of this calendar will go towards the cause.

Once again this year, clients can make a donation of $2, $3, $5 or more at the cash register in any Mondou store across Quebec during the campaign. Mondou customers can also choose to donate by redeeming their Cuddle points.

The donations received as part of the Mondou Mondon campaign will be directed, among other things, towards training MIRA dogs and assisting their foster families, trainers and beneficiaries. MIRA does not receive government subsidies. To support this organization, Mondou also donates more than 110 tonnes of food each year to the Mira Foundation to help feed its guide dogs and service dogs.

“MIRA changed my life! I have an ASD and at the age of 13, I was able to benefit from having a service dog who became my best friend. He helped me open up to the world, reduce my stress and my anxiety, become more independent and meet new people. My life as a young teenager took a new turn. I can never thank MIRA enough for transforming may daily life and offering me the best life partner ever,” said Magalie, beneficiary of the service dog program for youth with ASD.




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