June 14, 2023

Multi-Platinum Music Artist 24kGoldn’s Bearded Dragon “Puff” Named First Official Rep-Resentative of Reptile Care Brand Zilla

Zilla, a leading supplier of reptile care products and a brand in the Central Garden & Pet portfolio, announces a partnership with multi-platinum recording artist 24kGoldn’s newly adopted bearded dragon Puff, who has been named the first official “Rep-Resentative” of the brand. Puff, an orange morph bearded dragon, will star in the brand’s “Rep Yourself” campaign that encourages reptile owners to express themselves and celebrate what sets them and their beloved pets apart from everyone else. The “Rep Yourself” campaign is part of a comprehensive brand refresh created to reflect the modern and unique ethos of its current customer base.

Reptile ownership has risen steadily through the past few years, with 6 million US households now owning at least one reptile and Gen Z reptile owners increasing from 18 percent in 2018 to 29 percent in 2022, according to the American Pet Products Association’s latest National Pet Owners Survey. Becoming a first-time pet parent can be complex and many new reptile owners need guidance. Together, 24kGoldn, Puff and Zilla will provide the growing reptile community with expert guidance and advice that will help new and existing pet parents thrive. Starting today, consumers can be a part of Puff’s journey by following 24kGoldn’s TikTok24kGoldn’s Instagram and Zilla’s social channels.

“Throughout my life and career, I’ve stayed true to myself and my individuality by playing by my own rules. I am unapologetically me and that’s exactly what Zilla and the Rep Yourself campaign is all about,” said 24kGoldn. “Puff is the first pet I’ve ever owned, and I’ve wanted a Bearded Dragon for years. Getting a reptile can be intimidating – there’s lots to learn about how to care for these beautiful animals – but Zilla makes it simple. I can’t wait for my fans and other reptile parents to get to know Puff and all the creature comforts that make her feel at home and celebrate her uniqueness.”

Reptile owners are encouraged to share their caretaking tips and creative habitats by posting on social media, using the hashtag #RepYourself for a chance to be featured on Zilla’s Instagram channel and Rep Yourself series on the Zilla website.

Inspired by his new pet and dedicated to creating the best possible environment for her, 24kGoldn and the experts at Zilla co-created limited-edition, custom-designed terrarium background screens guaranteed to bring a unique flair to every terrarium. 24kGoldn’s eye-catching personal style comes to life in vibrant colors and designs, unlike any other terrarium screens on the market. This fall, reptile parents nationwide can purchase the first 24kGoldn design featuring a graffiti-inspired print at their favorite pet supply retailers, including Petco and Amazon. Another exclusive-to-Petco design featuring artistic reptile scales and jewel tones will also be available nationally at Petco pet care centers and Petco this fall.


In celebration of the partnership with Puff and 24kGoldn, Zilla is partnering with Pets in the Classroom on an exciting Back to School initiative. Pets in the Classroom is an educational grant program that has served more than 226,000 teachers, impacting more than 9 million students, with financial and educational support that helps teachers acquire and maintain small animals in the classroom. According to an annual Pets in the Classroom survey, 99 percent of respondents said that having a pet in the classroom has been a positive experience.


“Growing up, I wasn’t able to have a pet, so being able to work with an organization like Pets in the Classroom that helps teach responsibility while providing the love and fun of a reptile or small animal means a lot to me,” said 24kGoldn.


“Since 2018, 1.5 million new pet parents have entered the reptile category and while the adoption of traditional pets has slowed, reptile ownership continues to rise. The recent popularity of reptiles has opened the door to a new audience and Zilla is dedicated to educating the next generation,” said Ernie Katris, Head of Marketing and Innovation for Zilla. “Our passion for reptiles is why we got into this business, and we’re thrilled to be working with 24kGoldn and Puff to help us educate and inspire reptile parents everywhere.”


From integrated habitats to complete, species-specific nutrition formulations, Zilla products are designed to give reptile pets the best of what they need to live healthy and happy lives. Zilla products are sold nationwide at Petco pet care centers and petco.comAmazon and other pet stores. For more information, visit zillarules.com.

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