June 2, 2022

MYO Launches the First Ever Modular Cat Tree

Make Your Own (MYO) Cat Tree is a concept introduced into the market of pet furniture for the first time ever. The idea behind it is to imagine each component of the MYO cat tree as a Lego building block. Each section of the tree is replaceable, addable and removable. MYO cat tree makes it easy to customize and change the configuration of tree components to add more height, switch out shelf designs and colors and replace cat tree parts. Unlike other cat trees, people can simply buy the components they want.

MYO cat trees are made of real hardwood, sisal rope and metal fasteners. Unlike other cat trees on the market, it contains no glue, cardboard or carpet covers. High quality components ensure the tree’s durability even with the most active and large cats.

“Pets are our family members who we love to take care of and spoil,” said MYO Founder Anton Kabanov. “The goal at MYO is to offer an experience unlike anything else on the market. We believe that having the ability to personalize a cat tree will change the way we think about pet furniture and furniture in general. While many households are homes to average store-bought cat trees, we all know they are bound to be destroyed by our furry friends within the first 2 years. That is why we have decided to build the best cat tree.”

MYO cat tree is designed for an easy DIY assembly. It consists of:

  • Base – a heavy and sturdy foundation that ensures stability of the tree, no matter how tall;
  • Posts – wrapped in sisal rope for all the climbing and scratching needs, they impact the height of the tree and can be secured to each other or with shelves in between;
  • Shelves – starting with two different designs and three colors, they can be rotated, readjusted and switched in between posts.

MYO aims to continue expanding the selection of shelves and colors on an ongoing basis. In addition, MYO will be introducing a lineup of knitted accessories in the fall with more details coming soon.

All MYO cat tree components are manufactured in Ukraine with pre-orders available exclusively online starting from June 1st, 2022. The first customer pre-orders will start shipping from MYO’s distribution center in the USA by the end of summer. First one hundred orders can claim a 15 percent discount by using the code FIRST100. A distribution center in Europe will open in late fall 2022.

The pet market is a fast-growing $100-billion industry. Consumers demand more choices and higher quality products for their pets. With millennials making up the whopping 31 percent of pet owners, innovation is crucial in industries that have otherwise been stagnant. MYO has invented a new way to order pet furniture. Variety of components making up a product due to multiple customization options require more complexity in the fulfillment process. For this reason, it is increasingly difficult to handle this type of product on platforms like Amazon or Etsy. MYO handles all fulfillment processes in-house ensuring full autonomy and stringent quality control. MYO fulfills and assembles all orders out of their own warehouses with a personal touch.

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