August 24, 2023

Natoo Becomes a Jaguar Friend

Natoo, a company that specializes in evidence-based, optimal nutrition for pets, is proud to announce it has received the Jaguar Friend seal from the Jaguar Parade.

Support for the Jaguar Parade aids in promoting widespread awareness, with the organization’s main goal being to provide a structural and ongoing source of income for jaguar conservation projects. Companies that receive the Jaguar Friend seal, like Natoo, have helped create an impact on the organization, the community and the planet alike.

“Jaguars exist in 18 countries, including Brazil, which is home to the largest jaguar in the world, the painted jaguar. So, this is a cause that’s very important to us,” said Fernando Maluf, VP of International Sales. “What many people don’t know is that protecting jaguars also helps to conserve tropical forests, wetlands and other environments that are critical to the wellbeing of humans and many other species. Being a Jaguar Friend further supports our company’s commitment toward protecting these and other animals within the Brazilian biodiversity.”

Last year, Natoo supported the Jaguar Parade NYC by sponsoring six of the forty art installation sculptures that were designed by global artists and displayed throughout the streets of New York City. The brand raised more than $100,000 to support ONÇAFARI, a nonprofit that strives to conserve biodiversity in various Brazilian biomes with an emphasis on jaguars and maned wolves. Plus, Natoo raised an additional $200,000 specifically for the Jaguar Parade NYC.

For more information on Natoo and the brand’s social responsibility, please visit Natoo Pet Foods.




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