August 10, 2023

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter Announces New Mood-Boosting Litter: Harmony Lavender & Bamboo Clumping Litter

Eco-Shell, LP, manufacturer of the Naturally Fresh family of litter products, introduces a new calming solution: Naturally Fresh Harmony™ Lavender & Bamboo Clumping Litter. Infused with essential oils, the Harmony formula provides mood-enhancing benefits for cats and the whole family.

According to a 2022 MoodScentz™+ consumer survey, 85 percent of people believe that a fragrance can positively impact mood. After more than four years of research and collaboration with world-renowned academic leaders, Naturally Fresh comes to this year’s SuperZoo show ready to share the first mood-boosting litter formula created using Givaudan MoodScentz™+ technology. The technology behind MoodScentz™+ enhances the natural calming properties of the lavender and bamboo essential oils, leaving homes smelling fresh and clean while helping reduce potential restlessness for cats. This can enrich the bond between cats and owners in the home.

“We are always looking for ways to innovate, and our new Harmony formula does just that. It’s not your ordinary scented litter,” said Helen Cantrell, Director of Sales and Marketing at Naturally Fresh. “We value the health and happiness of cats, as well as the families that take care of them, so we hope this litter adds some peace and relaxation to the home.”

Like other Naturally Fresh formulas, the Harmony product is made from all-natural walnut shells and is the top litter option for eliminating ammonia odor. The essential oils produce a fresh, gentle scent, as opposed to masking odors with harsh perfumes and chemicals. A sustainable litter option, the litter meets demands such as sustainably grown certified, produced in solar-powered facilities and derived from a renewable resource.

For more information about Naturally Fresh and the new Harmony product announcement, visit booth #3813. Representatives will be available to talk about the technology behind the formula and provide more details at the show.




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