New Account Specialist Shea Spencer Joins the Carnivore Meat Company Team November 24, 2021

New Account Specialist Shea Spencer Joins the Carnivore Meat Company Team

Carnivore Meat Company®, the producer of award-winning premium frozen and freeze-dried raw pet food brand, Vital Essentials®, is thrilled to announce Shea Spencer as the new Sales Account Specialist for the Southeast region of the United States as the company builds upon their rapid and continuing success for Vital Essentials products across the nation.

As a Vital Essentials Account Specialist, Spencer will be engaged in building strategic relationships with pet services retailers, providers and distributors throughout the region. Spencer aims to continue the growth of Vital Essentials presence in the Southeast through line extensions, new product placements and additional accounts.

“Shea excels at developing long-term relationships with independent operator owners to top level executives,” said Vice President Sales and Marketing Melissa Olson. “As a company, we’re seeing incredible growth nationwide. We are so excited to have Shea with us to capitalize on our momentum in the Southeast region and spread the word to more pet parents about what simple, natural nutrition can do to transform pets lives and the lives of their pet parents.”

Spencer brings powerful sales skills and more than 30 years of experience to her new role. Prior to joining Carnivore Meat Company, she worked in Marketing and Sales Account Management for a restoration company. She is also a Certified Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist, Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist and Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist through DNM University.

“I am impressed by the culture and principles that Carnivore Meat Company prides itself on,” said Spencer. “I am so excited to be working with an incredible team of people from all walks of life that have created such an amazing product in Vital Essentials.”

Spencer also adds her four dogs to the Carnivore Meat Company pet family: Princess “Pikachu” Butterscotch, Lord “Wicket” of Endor, Sir “Wooferson” of Brown and Tilly.


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