October 4, 2023

New Book Launch: Experience an Inspirational Story of Unwavering Perseverance and Determination with Pet Project: How a Simple Idea Transformed the Pet Industry

Jim Dougherty, Founder of PetSmart and Petsense by Tractor Supply, a US Marine Veteran and winner of the World Pet Association’s Pet Industry Lifetime Achievement Award, is proud to launch his newest book: Pet Project: How a simple idea transformed the pet industry fur-ever.

This extraordinary memoir gives an insightful look into the founding and subsequent success of PetSmart and Petsense by Tractor Supply and takes readers through the journey of Jim Dougherty, entrepreneur and visionary, who transformed the pet industry and created a brand that celebrates the bond between people and their pets. In a collaborative effort to explain the resilience and determination of Jim Dougherty, this memoir includes 60+ interviews from pet industry executives, leaders and professionals.

With resounding determination and a listening ear, Jim and his team started a one-stop shop that revolutionized the pet retail industry, providing pet lovers unparalleled access to premium products.

According to Vic Mason, President of the World Pet Association, “What Jim did is figure out how to put emotion in a box, and the people loved it. He was a real visionary about what customers wanted in their pet stores.”

Through the trials, tribulations and successes of PetSmart and Petsense by Tractor Supply and a customer-centric approach, Jim and his dynamic team remained steadfast, proving the importance of a symbiotic relationship between brand and customer. In Pet Project: How a Simple Idea Transformed the Pet Industry Fur-ever, Jim masterfully illustrates a story and gives insight into an empire built with resilience, determination and a customer-first approach.

Both companies, PetSmart and Petsense by Tractor Supply, also focused on pet adoptions and, from day one, never sold a dog or cat; instead, they connected with local pet adoption centers and created events at their stores showcasing adoptable pets. Millions of pets have found forever homes through this program.

The book is not just for pet lovers but anyone looking to discover the importance of resilience, determination and customer-centric approaches to business.

Pet Project is an inspiring story of how one man’s vision and passion can change the world for the better. It is a must-read for anyone who loves pets or is interested in entrepreneurship. For more about Jim Dougherty and the “Pet Project” please visit: Pet Project the Book and Amazon or get social with Jim at Instagram or on LinkedIn.




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