August 10, 2020

New Boundary Plus Smart System Provides Smarter Security for Pets

Invisible Fence Brand, leader in pet containment, introduces that all-new Boundary Plus Smart System to help keep pet parents connected to what matters—the security of their pets. Pet owners were top of mind when creating this smart fence, which includes features exclusive to Invisible Fence. Using the same innovative Boundary Plus Technology that Invisible Fence is famous for, Boundary Plus Smart is the most advanced system on the market with escape protection, correction-free return and the most room to play providing on average 30 percent more yard space.

The smart fence features a mobile smartphone application for remote monitoring, which alerts owners and their local authorized Invisible Fence dealership with notifications regarding the system. Unlike other electric pet fences, Boundary Plus Smart also has exclusive 10-X Technology, so no other radio signal will interfere with the fence system providing the most reliable performance and protection.

“Invisible Fence strives to offer products and services to help people live better with their pets,” said Ed Hoyt, Senior Director of Invisible Fence. “That’s why we collaborated with leading animal-behaviorists, veterinarians and our current customers to design Boundary Plus Smart.”

The Boundary Plus Smart System is one of Invisible Fence’s three outdoor containment products – Wired, Smart and GPS Wireless. This lineup shares benefits of Boundary Plus Technology, offering solutions for different yard sizes and a variety of lifestyles. Paired with avoidance and access solutions, Invisible Fence offers a comprehensive product portfolio for inside and outside the home.

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