August 31, 2020

New Canine Health and Wellness, Buddy Custard, Hits Market

Buddy Custard, a delicious “pet-ra-ceutical,” a neutraceutical made especially for dogs as part of a canine health and wellness program, launches a “Buddy Custard Canine Covid 19 Special” with 40 percent off from now until end of October. Buddy Custard is a healthy and delicious frozen treat that is based on a proven 60-year successful formula and technology called the “Budwig Protocol.”

This revolutionary dietary formula provides critical nutrition, which is necessary for both healthy and sick dogs, especially those diagnosed with cancer. To use, simply add the recommended amount to your pets’ food per day as prescribed on the package based on your dogs’ size. Buddy Custard is conveniently shipped frozen to be stored until ready to serve and comes in two flavor options: Original and Peanut Butter. There are only four all natural, high quality, human grade ingredients.

This one-of-a-kind dietary product is based on a miraculous protocol created by Dr. Johanna Budwig. Originally developed for humans in 1950s Germany, Dr. Budwig spent many years studying fats and identified a unique way to help adapt the body to become more equipped to fight illness. The method involves incorporating a high volume of polysaturated fat (“good fat”) into the diet. Buddy Custard was developed based on this research which converts omega 3 oils into a more water-soluble form that cells can more easily use. Chronic Illness and cancer are as epidemic in dogs as in humans. This formula is equally effective.

Founder and CEO, Robert Schlien was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2005. Declining conventional treatment, he used the Budwig Protocol and has been cancer-free since 2011. It was Robert’s personal experience that inspired the creation of Buddy Custard for pets.

“After realizing my own remarkable results using the Budwig Protocol, I began receiving requests from others with similar health challenges. Many were inquiring for their dogs. We have seen loads of people and their pets use it with great success,” said Schlien. “We re-engineered the technology and methodology to properly blend our proprietary formula, providing convenient frozen packages ready- to-use and delivered directly to the consumer for the health and wellness of dogs.”

Buddy Custard’s unique proven formula is non-invasive, all natural and affordable. As an adjunct to a dog’s normal daily diet, it may be used alone or with conventional medical therapies. The core ingredients are cottage cheese and flaxseed. As flaxseed oil alone is not easily absorbed by the cells, the Budwig protocol incorporates cottage cheese to work as a conduit to improve the healthy intake of the omega-3 fats. The unique method of delivery into a dog’s body may assist in the maintenance of overall good health as arthritis, diabetes, skin ailments and heart disease all benefit from flax seed oil.

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