June 23, 2022

New Plant-Based Flea Treatments Eliminate Infestations While Leaving Pet’s Fur Soft and Shiny

A California-based pet wellness company has launched two new all-natural anti-pest products that effectively kill fleas, ticks and other insects on contact – while being perfectly safe for dogs.

“So many over-the-counter flea treatments contain pesticides and toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your dog (and to you) – especially during flea season, when pet owners are often compelled to give repeated treatments to eliminate stubborn infestations,” said Pet Wellness Direct Co-CEO, Russ Kamalski. “But the more often you expose your dog to potentially dangerous chemicals, the greater risk to its wellbeing. We wanted to give dog owners a veterinary-strength non-toxic alternative that they could use regularly all year round to kill and repel fleas and other insects without posing any sort of threat to their pet’s health.”

Kamalski says that PROTECT Dog Shampoo and PROTECT Home + Pet Spray are both made entirely of plant-based ingredients, including cedar oil, rosemary oil, lemongrass oil, coconut oil and aloe.

“Not only is our proprietary formula effective at killing and repelling fleas and ticks, but it also soothes and conditions your pet’s skin and fur, leaving its coat soft and shiny,” Kamalski says. “And pet owners will love the fresh scent on their pets and throughout their entire home.”

Kamalski says their anti-flea products don’t contain any harsh soaps or detergents and are perfectly safe to use on your pet, furniture, carpets and bedding all year round.

“Most pet owners don’t realize that fleas aren’t just a hot-weather problem,” he says. “Flea eggs can lie dormant in your carpets and on your furniture and blankets for months. All they need is some warmth to hatch – then the cycle starts all more than again.”

Kamalski says that the best way to break the cycle for good is to use our anti-flea shampoo and spray your home regularly throughout the year to kill dormant eggs before they hatch and become a problem for your pet.

“That’s why we formulated our products for year-round use,” he says. “Pet owners can use it all year long for happy, shiny, great-smelling dogs.”

VetSmart Formulas PROTECT Dog Shampoo and Home + Pet Spray can be found at Pet Wellness Direct and Amazon and is not available in retail stores.

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