June 3, 2020

New Product: Pumpkin Pro For Dogs

Rogue Pet Science announced their new product, Pumpkin Pro for dogs, is now widely available. Pumpkin Pro was created to fix loose stools (diarrhea). It comes as a powder and contains human-grade organic pumpkin, an industry first. No more cans, no more water, no more waste. Pumpkin Pro has a long shelf-life and can be easily stored for future use.

Pumpkin Pro Treats Loose Stools

Pumpkin Pro combines the treatment that people want from a pumpkin-based product for their dog’s loose stools with a product worthy of daily nutritional consideration. All ingredients are safe, organic and nutritionally digestible for dogs.

Organic Ingredients

Rogue improves the pumpkin ingredient by sourcing organic US grown pumpkin, while ensuring no skin or seeds were used. Skin & seeds can add to GI distress, despite the appearance of firm poop. Organic ingredients are a top consideration for any plant-based product that pet owners plan to feed regularly to ensure safety and exclusion of pesticides.

Fermented Turmeric & Ginger – Great For Dogs!

Rogue Pet Science is the first to offer fermented organic turmeric and fermented organic ginger ingredients in conjunction with pumpkin. Turmeric, which contains a compound called curcumin, is proven to boost immunity, reduce inflammation and help arthritis. Ginger is a digestive aid full of antioxidants.

The reason fermentation is so valuable to these ingredients requires an understanding of what fermentation is actually doing. Much like pre-digesting the ingredients, fermenting is required to improve the nutritional availability of complex foods. Fermentation is nature’s tool, initiating microbial and enzymatic activity to make the nutrients in food more digestible and nutritious.

Fermentation of plant ingredients is scientifically essential and has gone unconsidered by the pet industry. This is despite the awareness of a dog’s shorter digestive system, the natural lack of necessary enzymes to deal with complex bonds like grains, or in the case of ginger and turmeric, fibrous root bonds.

An Innovative Company Making Innovative Pet Products

The pet space is overrun, just like the human space, with me-too products with little to no sourcing information, zero testing for confirmation of the presence of the marketed beneficial components and zero requirement for any testing proving the product is bringing benefits.

Rogue’s expertise and “in the trenches approach” to pet nutrition makes them an innovator in the pet products industry while raising the bar for other brands.

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