April 29, 2021

Nothin To Hide™…Nothing Like Your Old Rawhide

For many pet parents, giving a pet a piece of rawhide to chew seems like a harmless way to occupy his or her time. However, ingesting rawhide can lead to significant choking, blockage and digestive issues. In fact, pet parents have been sharing stories about rawhide-triggered trips to emergency hospitals for many years.

Fieldcrest Farms Nothin’ to Hide™ chews by Ethical Products, Inc. offers a safer and more digestible chewing experience for dogs. These patent-pending, high protein, rawhide free dog chews are crafted primarily from collagen powder, which has been shown to benefit an animal’s skin, fur and joints.

“What most people don’t know is that traditional rawhide is a by-product of the leather industry, and after soaking in harsh chemicals and preservatives, it becomes a highly processed chew that’s extremely difficult to digest,” commented Susan Calles, National Marketing Manager of Ethical Products, Inc. “Nothin’ to Hide™ is a traditional rawhide alternative and pet parents can rest assured knowing that while providing an exceptionally tasty, long-lasting chewing experience, our chews will also readily break down in their dog’s stomach.”

Calles noted Petco management recently announced that in keeping with their mission to provide only the healthiest products for pets, they have stopped carrying traditional rawhide in all of their stores. “This new wellness initiative aligns with our brand’s core values of providing products that will help pets live their best lives,” she says.

Nothin’ to Hide™ chews are delectably flavored in beef, chicken and peanut butter and come in a variety of fun shapes, including bagels, flip chips, rolls and more. Pet parents can find Nothin’ to Hide at neighborhood pet stores nationwide.

Laboratory tests confirm that Nothin’ to Hide™ is highly digestible making it a far safer alternative to traditional rawhide. For more information, please visit Nothin To Hide Chews.


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