NPIC Partners with NOBIS and JP Solutions March 5, 2024

NPIC Partners with NOBIS and JP Solutions

NPIC, a leading manufacturer of premium pet treat brands, N-Bone and Get Naked, has announced the formation of strategic partnerships with two key manufacturing representative groups, Nobis Sales and Marketing and JP Solutions. These partnerships aim to provide NPIC to a wider audience and empower distributors and retailers with the tools and resources they need to make N-Bone and Get Naked a success for all.

“I am enthused by the new partnership with JP Solutions and Nobis as NPIC looks to continue providing our distribution partners, retailers and pet parents with products and services of the highest quality,” said Sam Chen, VP of Sales and Marketing at NPIC. “I am confident that with these partnerships and an expanded NPIC Sales Team, we will be engaging with everyone involved on a more significant level and deliver more growth.”

These partnerships will help streamline efforts for both retailers and distributors with easy access to NPIC’s product portfolio and essential educational information.

“The JP Solutions team is happy to be taking over the representation of NPIC in the Northeast and adding such a respected brand to our portfolio. This partnership will expand brand presence at independent retailers through the education and training-based approach our team provides,” said John R. Pelletier, President.

Bryan Beyland, President of Nobis Sales and Marketing, added, “We are beyond excited to start this partnership with NPIC, their portfolio of products is a great addition for our sales team. We look forward to sharing them with our distributor and retail partners in the Midwest.”




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