November 13, 2023

Nutrish Partners with Rachel Bilson for a “Dog Day of Service”

Nutrish and actress Rachel Bilson last week participated in a “Dog Day of Service” by visiting the Pasadena Humane Society to donate 30,000lbs of Nutrish product or three months of food, to help shine a spotlight on animals in need. Shelters nationwide receive approximately 6.3 million animals each year, which leaves many pets without a home or the proper resources they need and deserve. Nutrish is committed to supporting shelters through the Rachael Ray Foundation, which provides resources to help animals find their forever homes.

Rachel Bilson visited the Pasadena Humane Society on behalf of Nutrish to bring to light the stories of these animals in need and to encourage others to help their local shelters by either donating directly or purchasing a bag of Nutrish. Through the last four years, Nutrish has donated more than $7 million a year to help pets in need through the Rachael Ray Foundation  (2019 – 2022).

“As a rescue dog owner and animal lover, Nutrish’s goal of supporting animal shelters around the country is close to my heart,” said Bilson. “Visiting the shelter and being able to provide them with Nutrish was an amazing experience we hope encourages continued acts of service for all dogs and cats in need.”


“We believe every dog and cat, no matter if they’re waiting for their forever home or are already there, deserves the world, and that starts with high-quality ingredients,” said Tracy Fleischhacker Quigley, Senior Brand Director of Nutrish. “Supporting animals in need is an essential part of who we are at Nutrish. Days like today with the Pasadena Humane Society give us the opportunity to get up close and personal with our mission, and  we couldn’t be prouder to be here supporting what they do every day.”

For more information about Nutrish, visit Nutrish.



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