April 26, 2021

NutriSource Pet Foods Unveils New Element Series High Animal Protein Food Line

NutriSource Pet Foods has introduced its new high animal protein Element Series.

Formulated by a group of pet food experts, Element is offered in four recipes that contain up to 90 percent animal protein in every bowlful. The animal protein and carefully selected ingredients balance all essential nutrients necessary for optimum health and well-being.

“Diets high in protein help our pet companions stay strong, active and healthy,” said Darren Fujii, CGO/National Sales Manager for NutriSource Pet Foods. “We’re excited to expand our product offerings that provide pet parents with new options created specifically to boost the immune system, support proper digestion and heart health of their pet companions.”

All Element Series recipes are supplemented with NutriSource’s proprietary Good 4 Life Plus system specially designed to work with high animal protein canine diets supporting proper digestion and gut health, nutrient utilization, cognitive and heart health and skin and coat. All diets are free from legumes, potatoes and peas.

NutriSource has begun rolling out the Element Series at respected independent pet food retailers across the country. Element Series recipes are available in 24 lb., 12 lb. and 4 lb. bags.

All NutriSource products, including the Element Series, are manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility in Perham, MN. NutriSource is a brand under Tuffy’s Pet Foods, a subsidiary of KLN Family Brands.

To learn more about the new recipes or any NutriSource pet foods, click here.

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