July 24, 2020

Online Retailer BRAVADA International Nabs WorldofPets.com URL in Development of “World of Pets Superstore”

BRAVADA International announced today that it is in the development stage of its latest website property, WorldofPets.com and has successfully filed “World of Pets Superstore” as a registered trademark with the USPTO. WorldofPets.com is the latest BRAVADA International website property for the purpose of providing a comprehensive and focused product offering for animals and beloved family pets. Most of the initial website development has been completed with product sourcing currently underway as well as the development of online information that will provide a wide-ranging resource for families and pet happiness and health.

WorldofPets.com intends to maximize its competitive position in the pet marketplace by focusing on the most popular and high traffic categories for dogs and cats. This will allow for the provisioning of a wide range of products in the most popular canine and feline verticals to maximize The World of Pets Superstore’s competitiveness in the initial product categories. This initial phase will focus on high volume categories that occupy the majority of consumer interest for their pets and provide a wonderful selection of pet supplies that will include cat and dog beds, chew toys, cat and dog harnesses, collars, tunnels, treats, cat scratchers and more.

“WorldofPets.com is one of our most ambitious websites in our portfolio,” said Danny Alex, CEO of BRAVADA International. “We have a specific plan to provide a hyper focused product offering in the most popular categories for dogs and cats. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, the World of Pets Superstore will focus on the most popular categories for dogs and cats so that consumers identify these key product categories with WorldofPets.com. We also intend on having a category specifically for people that will include dog and cat trinkets, apparel and accessories to show their love of their animals.”

BRAVADA International is an online retailer of women’s fashion, face masks and personal protection devices with multiple online properties and a real-world warehouse headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

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