Open Farm Pet Food Offers Free Mental Health Service for Full Month April 10, 2020

Open Farm Pet Food Offers Free Mental Health Service for Full Month

Open Farm Pet Food is partnering with online counseling service, BetterHelp, to offer unlimited free therapy sessions for anyone in the US or Canada for a full month, in an effort to promote general well-being during this time.

Pet owners generally benefit from the animal-human interactions known to reduce anxiety, depression and loneliness, but the company aims to help those who might need something more from a professional.

As an added resource for consumers, Open Farm Pet Food will host a virtual training series with animal behaviorist, Dr. Jill Villarreal, to help both pet and pet parent reduce stress during this unprecedented time throughout the month of April. Among other topics, Dr. Jill will address pet massage, making walks more enjoyable and the importance of routine.

“Open Farm was built on the premise of doing good for our pets, the planet and our community,” said Isaac Langleben, Co-Founder and CEO of Open Farm. “During these difficult times, we have doubled down on this mission, focusing more than ever on supporting our team, our retail partners and our communities as we all navigate this crisis. Offering free mental health support during this isolating time is crucial. While we know our pets are always there for us and can help ease negative feelings of stress and anxiety, we want to be sure everyone can get the help they need.”

The effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are showing an increased need for mental health services. In the last month alone, BetterHelp onboarded 600 new therapists.

“BetterHelp’s mission has always been to make professional counseling accessible and convenient so anyone can get help anytime, anywhere. We’re grateful for the support of Open Farm Pet Food to enable more people access to the help they need during this time,” says Alon Matas, Founder and President of BetterHelp. “As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, the number of new members with concerns of stress and anxiety in February-March more than doubled compared to February-March of last year.”

Open Farm Pet Food is sponsoring one month of free counseling with licensed therapists to anyone who would like to utilize the service, which can be activated at any time. To get matched with a licensed therapist within 24 hours, visit

To help spread some joy, pet parents are encouraged to share how their pets are helping them cope on social media using #ThereForEachOther.

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