August 1, 2023

Outward Hound’s New CATSAGES Puts Cats First

Outward Hound debuts a new brand dedicated to cats and their very particular needs or rather, demands. A playfully sophisticated line, Catstages offers three categories of products designed to satisfy even the pickiest of felines and aims to become a one-stop-shop for cat owners seeking to enrich their pets’ daily lives. From “Frisky” interactive and often catnip-filled play toys, to soothing “Self-Care” scratchers, loungers, dental and nighttime toys and “Mind Games” puzzle toys for the smarty cats among us, each item is designed to meet the highest feline standards and provide interactive engagement.

“We have seen consistent growth in consumer demand for mentally stimulating, interactive pet products. Over the past year alone, this demand has had exponential growth and we are ahead of that curve, providing innovation and value in the category,” shared Outward Hound CEO Jared Mosher.

New and notable items under the Catstages brand include the Hide N Seek Fish BowlFestival 3 Pack and Kitty Lickin’ Layers. While Outward Hound’s cat offerings previously fell under the Petstages brand, existing Petstages cat items such as the Tower of Tracks, Melon Madness and Nina Ottosson Cat Puzzles will be rebranded to Catstages in the coming months.

As the quirky personality of cats proved a source of inspiration for the brand, Outward Hound unveiled a Catstages mascot with a true feline attitude, Kyle the Cat. He’s sassy and thoroughly unimpressed by human antics, with expectations that rival those of royalty. Expect to see Kyle the Cat throughout social media and on all brand packaging.

Find Catstages now at Outward HoundAmazon and Chewy and in stores this Fall.


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