February 12, 2024

Oxyfresh Spotlights Easy, No-Brush Solution for National Pet Dental Health Month

 Oxyfresh, the award-winning pet care brand, is spotlighting the easiest, no-brush solution ever – it’s Oxyfresh Pet Dental Water Additive – to kick off National Pet Dental Health Month. This innovative pet dental product is the answer for dog and cat parents who are intimidated by pet toothbrushing or don’t have the time or desire to do it. Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Water Additive delivers similar plaque- and bad breath-fighting benefits but without all the fuss.

Oxyfresh products are formulated with proprietary Oxygene, a safe, non-toxic oxidizer that gently neutralizes the bacteria that cause plaque and bad pet breath right at the source. There are no coverups with mint, green tea, fake poultry or other suspect flavors that pets turn their noses up at. Oxygene delivers truly fresh pet breath, and because it’s free of flavors and scents, pets are none the wiser about all the fantastic benefits they’re getting for their oral health with every drink of water.

Melissa Gulbranson, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for Oxyfresh, said, “While we believe in incorporating a full-dental routine that includes brushing, for those pet parents that find that challenging, we love hearing the success stories of how our premium Pet Dental Water Additive is helping make a difference for their pets: better dental checkups, cleaner teeth and more cuddles because their stinky breath is finally gone. Best of all, it provides for a hassle-free daily dental routine: just add to pets’ water bowl or fountain. It doesn’t get any easier than that.”

With up to 90 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats having some form of gum disease by age three – and less than 10 percenrt of pet parents brushing their pets’ teeth daily – National Pet Dental Health Month is the perfect time to introduce brushless solutions that can support modern lifestyles along with pets’ oral health.

Oxyfresh Dental Water Additive is a convenient and safe way to help every pet smile – from a brand pet parents trust. It’s veterinarian-recommended, fast-acting and proven to fight pet plaque and freshen their breath, making pet kisses so much sweeter. It’s a fantastic supplement to a brushing routine or can be used solo to get pets’ smiles in better shape.

Oxyfresh’s pet dental care line includes: 

Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Water Additive (16oz) – $17.95 MSRP

  • Freshens even the toughest pet bad breath.
  • Convenient, no-brush solution: just add to water bowl
  • Fights plaque buildup & bad breath with Oxygene & zinc
  • Picky-pet approved with no fussy flavors like mint & green Tea

Oxyfresh Convenient Pet Dental Spray (8oz) – $16.95 MSRP

  • Simply spritz bad pet breath away
  • Helps soothe pets’ gums and clean teeth
  • Perfect for on-the-go or when pet’s eat things they shouldn’t

 Oxyfresh Innovative Pet Gel Toothpaste Kit (4oz) – $11.95 MSRP

  • Oxygene cleans teeth & freshens pet breath all day
  • Flavor-free formula so even the pickiest pets will love it
  • Pair with a reusable soft silicone finger brush for an easy brush experience

All-in-One Pet Dental kits are also available in various sizes so pet parents can find the products and dental routine that works best for them.

Contact craigs@oxyfresh.com or call 949.291.4619 for distribution and direct sales opportunities.

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