June 7, 2022

PAWAii Launched Versatile Dog Bowl

In May, 2022, Ivan, the CEO of PAWAii announced that the Versatile Dog Bowl will be released soon. The debut of this innovative product will address the pain points of dog parents concerning feeding. The PAWAii magic bowl will disrupt the traditional cognition of “dog bowl” and lead the trend of the whole industry.

The versatile dog bowl can effectively meet the different demands of pups and their owners. It comes with a 68-oz capacity, making it perfect for both medium-sized and large-sized dog breeds. In addition, you can detach it to clean and refill. This article tells us more about the magic bowl.

Double Bowls, Double Love

There are two stainless-steel bowls in the PAWAii magic bowl, each for water and food. So, your dog can now drink and eat simultaneously without issues. It is even more helpful if you have multiple pets.

Slow Feeding

Dogs often eat faster than they should. Indigestion caused by excessive swallowing creates problems for them. But with a slow feeder, you can train your dogs to eat only smaller portions of food at once.

This slow feeder dog bowl from PAWAii keeps your dog’s eating speed low. It also ensures your dog doesn’t vomit or choke on its food, eliminating every possibility of indigestion.

Elevated Position

You can stack both bowls in the PAWAii magic bowl to create an elevated food bowl. The arrangement ensures your dog feeds at a comfortable angle. It also puts less pressure on its neck and joints. If you have dogs dealing with joint or muscle problems, this feeding bowl can be beneficial.

Warm or Cold Meals and Water

This pet bowl from PAWAii allows you to keep water warm or cool depending on weather conditions. If the weather is hot – like in the summer, you can throw a few ice cubes in the bowl and fill it with water. This makes the drinking water cool for your dog.

When it is winter, you can add some warm water to the bowl at the bottom and food to the bowl above. The food in the upper bowl stays warm thanks to the stainless-steel bowl.

Modern & Stylish Design

PAWAii adopted high-quality materials to manufacture this bowl. The smooth, glass-like texture makes it comfortable to touch, while the rubberized feet ensure stability. As a result, your dog cannot mistakenly knock the bowl over, reducing the chances of food spilling to the very minimum.

Easy Maintenance

You can wash the PAWAii dog bowl in the dishwasher. You can also clean with a wet rag and warm water. However, the dishwasher is not the best method to wash the bases of both bowls and their accessories. You can easily detach the stainless-steel bowl inserts for proper cleaning.

Safe Materials

PAWAii combined top-quality ABS and stainless-steel materials to produce this bowl. It is durable, strong, safe and healthy for pets and their owners.

Meet the Brand – PAWAii

PAWAii is devoted to creating and fostering pets-pet parents’ bonds by creating products that benefit both sides of the relationship. The company shows this by ensuring every product it releases into the market represents top quality and maximum comfort. You can now enjoy your time with your lovely pets with PAWAii products.

In the future, PAWAii will continue to elevate the potential for pet care with new opportunities and broadened possibilities.

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