July 21, 2022

Pet Connect Business Enterprise Suite Streamlines Digital Management for Franchise and Multi-Location Pet Service Providers

Pet Connect Business, the market leader of digital management services for pet service providers, makes it easier than ever to consolidate branded digital solutions via one management platform, while staying true to personalized high-touch experiences for customers.

With the Pet Connect Business Enterprise Suite, large service providers can opt to showcase their locations within a single app with the Franchise Solution or centralize the management of unique brand flags across multiple apps with the Multi-Brand Solution.

Key capabilities of either solution retain local touches throughout:

  • Push notification messaging via enterprise-level communication across the suite or to customized groups and locations.
  • Choice to label communication with customers as enterprise-level or local entities.
  • Customized content showcased from the corporation or local establishments

Regardless of the enterprise solution chosen, businesses can expect the multi-location platform to be no-fuss and easily managed in a matter of seconds—without coding or developer involvement.

“Until now, large service enterprises have been reluctant to adopt digital marketing technology, especially branded mobile apps, because of the infrastructure and manpower required to implement and manage these solutions. Pet Connect Business solves these problems by pioneering the adoption of modern data and cloud capabilities within branded digital solutions for pet service providers,” said Hector Ocasio, CEO of Pet Connect Business. “We’re now solving technology challenges faced by larger service enterprises to help them increase their abilities to consolidate the management of their digital footprint within a single platform. More importantly, the enterprise functionality allows them to engage with clients across all their locations in a matter of seconds, while also expanding their online sales channels.”



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