April 7, 2021

Pet Food Express Launches “Kitten Season” Awareness Campaign to Help With California’s Influx Of Kittens

Pet Food Express has launched a multi-platform awareness campaign dedicated to relieving the state of California’s influx of kittens and the strain it puts on local rescues and shelters; the campaign’s focus is Adopt – Foster – Donate. Visit the dedicated Kitten Season landing page to get involved with any of the 84 partnering rescues and shelters or to make a donation, 100 percent of which goes directly to buying supplies for local rescues and shelters. In 2019, Pet Food Express collected and gifted more than $273,000 in financial and product donations to local rescues and shelters. The company has set a $300,000 goal for 2021.

“We’ve been committed to the health and wellness of animals for over 30 years, regardless if they’re someone’s pet or not,” said Michael Levy, President and CEO of Pet Food Express. “The annual spike in kitten births is a reality for our communities where we know we can help make a difference. We’re supporting more local shelters than ever before with adoption, foster and donation aid and using our marketing channels to get the Adopt – Foster – Donate word out.”

Each spring, California sees a spike of new kittens being born due to the temperate climate and an abundance of feral cats. The problem builds as the warm weather continues into summer and fall and as female cats produce 3 – 5 litters of 4 – 8 kittens per litter per year. The cat population gets bigger at a faster rate than the dog population because of the cat’s ability to have multiple litters per year. This influx of kittens leaves thousands throughout the state in need of help.

Levy continued,” Rescues and shelters throughout California work tirelessly all year long to help the new kittens survive and then to find foster and permanent homes for them. Our rescue and shelter partners need help from the public to ease this annual problem.”

There are three easy ways to help:

  1. Adopt. Open your home to a kitten or cat. Pet Food Express will help you find a rescue or shelter in your neighborhood. Plus, we’ll provide suggestions on the best food and care products to give your new furry friend a longer, healthier life.
  2. Foster. Young kittens thrive when they get a lot of personalized attention, which can be hard for shelters and rescues to keep up on their own. Provide a loving, temporary home to a kitten in need while the shelter matches them with their forever home. Pet Food Express has created a one-stop shop to match foster families with animals in need – become part of our Rescue Reserves. Simply join the foster match list and wait for a match with a local rescue or shelter.
  3. Donate. 100 percent of your donation goes to purchase supplies like food, litter and toys for local rescues and shelters to continue their work of robust foster, adopt and spay/neuter programs.

The Kitten Season landing page provides tips and resources for customers and the public on how to help during kitten season. Tips include what to do if you find a litter of kittens, where to take them, who to call, how to keep them warm and more. The company will also use its stores as direct referral sources for foster and adoption inquiries and to collect donations, and its social media channels to encourage online donations and signing up to be on the “Rescue Reserve.”

Pet Food Express has 63 California stores. Go to PetFood.Express to find one, learn more or to make a donation to support their kitten season campaign.


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