July 15, 2022

Pet Food Express Urges Emergency Preparedness for Pet Owners on National Pet Fire Safety Day

Pet Food Express, a leading retailer and trusted partner in pet health, has released a pet-focused disaster preparedness plan to equip pet owners with educational guidelines for keeping their pets safe in an emergency. From wildfires to earthquakes, the Pet Food Express disaster preparedness plan – found here – includes critical safety information organized into easy-to-implement sections on Pet Identification, Pet Boarding, Emergency Go-Pack and an Evacuation Plan. Thinking ahead, making arrangements and sharing the plan are also critical to the success of real-time emergency response.

“Approximately 30,000 pets die every year in home fires, which is why our only goal is to prevent tragedy through public education and save lives this Pet Fire Safety Day,” said Mike Murray, Director of Community Outreach. “We know disasters can be difficult to predict and pet fire safety can often get overlooked. Now and year-round, we encourage pet owners to make a plan and get ahead in the event of a fire disaster.”

Pet Food Express’ preparedness plan focuses on four impactful ways to protect pets in emergencies:

  1. Pet Identification: During a fire, pets and their owners can easily become separated, which is why identification is vital. Microchips, pet identification on collars, rescue alert stickers and cloud-based pet images can be instrumental in locating animals after the fire.
  2. Pre-Arranged Boarding: Determine an animal rescue center, a trusted family member or friend who can board your pet ahead of an impending fire disaster.
  3. Evacuation Plan: Create a fire safety plan that includes emergency contact information, meet-up locations and responsibilities for household members.
  4. Emergency Go-Pack: Pet owners should assemble an accessible Go-Pack to include pet first aid kit, pet food and water, pet leash, medications and more. Download the checklist.

Pet owners can view the dedicated disaster and emergency preparedness plan and follow the conversation across Pet Food Express’ social platforms – FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Pet Food Express is a committed advocate and partner for pet parents and rescues alike. To learn more about the company’s 30 years of advocacy, visit Pet Food Express.

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