May 21, 2020

Pet Health Pal’ Digital Education Tool Supports Pet Owners in COVID-19 Environment

Mars Petcare and the Waltham Petcare Science Institute have partnered to bring pet owners the “Pet Health Pal,” a new, free digital education tool powered by the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chat bot functionality. Pet Health Pal, which launches in the US and UK today with the PEDIGREE, IAMS and WHISKAS brands, will provide useful information related to pet health and ownership, backed by the Waltham Petcare Science Institute.

“Pet owners are especially concerned about keeping their pets happy and healthy right now, but it is difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape,” said Dr. Rena Crumplen, Global VP of Research and Development at Mars Petcare. “The Pet Health Pal is our way of helping to ease pet owners’ minds with simple, credible information, so they can give their pets the best care possible.”

Pet Health Pal is the first resource of its kind and is designed to help dog and cat owners navigate their concerns about their pet’s health and well-being, specifically in today’s COVID-19 environment. Specific topics featured in Pet Health Pal include COVID-19 and pets, nutrition, health, exercise and pet happiness.

Mars Petcare collaborated closely with the Waltham Petcare Science Institute, the research and development center, to ensure Pet Health Pal is equipped with the latest information, in accordance with government-issued guidelines and credible pet wellness experts. The Waltham Petcare Science Institute has been advancing research in nutrition and pet wellness for more than 50 years and supports research in partnership with organizations around the world to understand how the human relationship with pets can help both pets and owners live healthy, happy lives together.


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