Pet Insight 2023 Category Catalysts: Dog Toys, Multipet November 14, 2023

Pet Insight 2023 Category Catalysts: Dog Toys, Multipet

Dog toy leaders such as Multipet have been able to offer consumers and their pets more than the typical plush toy. The biggest key player in Multipet’s success comes from the company’s dedication to applying  pet owners’ feedback.

“The most significant factor contributing to our company’s ongoing success in providing solution-based products that support and meet consumer needs within the dog toys category is our relentless focus on consumer insights,” said Leslie Yellin, evp, with Multipet. “We have consistently prioritized understanding the needs, preferences and behaviors of dog owners and their beloved pets. By actively listening to and learning from our target audience, we can develop and offer products that genuinely address their specific requirements and challenges.”

“This emphasis on consumer insights involves market research. We conduct thorough market research to identify emerging trends, changing consumer demands and gaps in the market. This informs our product development strategy,” explained Yellin.

What’s more,, the company also focuses on feedback from retailers and pet owners. “We actively seek and value feedback from our customers through surveys, reviews and direct communication. This feedback loop allows us to refine our existing product offerings and create new, tailored solutions.”

Behavioral analysis is also a factor in the company’s ability to come  up with the best innovation and options for sensory toys. “We analyze the behaviors and interactions of dogs with various toy types, shapes and features. This helps us design toys that engage, entertain and provide benefits to dogs, from mental stimulation to physical exercise,” she said. 

Staying in touch with its partners and consumers allows the company to take a closer look at how it can address ongoing issues.
“We pay close attention to the pain points and challenges dog owners face when it comes to their pets and toys. We are committed to addressing these issues with innovative solutions,” Yellin said. 

Customization is a strong suit of the company’s product offerings. “Understanding that every dog is unique, we offer a range of products that can be customized to suit different breeds, sizes and personalities. [Alongside this is] responsive Product Development. We adapt our product development process based on the evolving needs and feedback of our consumers, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of the dog toys category,” she explained .

“Manufacturers in the pet specialty retail channel have a niche market to target, with opportunities for premium and specialized products, expertise-driven sales and the ability to cater to the unique needs and preferences of pet owners,” Yellin continued. “While other retail channels offer their own advantages, such as convenience and broad reach, the pet specialty channel is distinguished by its focus on quality and specialty products for pet lovers.”

Yellin has identified the unique opportunities that are presented within pet specialty retail: Niche product focus, expertise and customer service, targeted marketing and uniqueness. 

Pet specialty stores have the ability to curate and showcase a wide range of niche or specialty pet products. This includes premium and specialized pet food, organic and natural pet products, and unique, high-quality pet toys and accessories. Manufacturers can cater to specific dietary, lifestyle and health needs of pets. Pet specialty retailers often employ knowledgeable staff who can provide expert advice on pet care. Manufacturers can work closely with these retailers to educate staff and consumers about their products, leading to better-informed purchasing decisions. Manufacturers can craft marketing campaigns that specifically target pet owners who are more likely to frequent pet specialty stores. These consumers are often passionate about their pets and willing to invest in high-quality products. There’s a strong emphasis on innovation in the pet specialty retail channel. Manufacturers can focus on creating unique and innovative pet products that cater to the preferences and needs of pet owners who value novelty and distinctiveness,” she concluded.

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