July 7, 2020

Pet King Brands Partners with Orscheln Farm & Home to Offer Products at Stores Nationwide

Pet King Brands, the maker of the best-selling ZYMOX Dermatology and Oratene Brushless Dental Care products for small and large animals, announced today it has partnered with Orscheln Farm & Home to offer its veterinarian-approved products at stores nationwide.

First launched in 1998, the ZYMOX line of ear and skin topical products provides relief without antibiotics or alcohol for dogs, cats, horses and livestock suffering from problematic ear, skin, coat, and hoof conditions. ZYMOX products are based on the advanced technology of the patented LP Enzyme System, a natural multi-complex formulation that is powerfully effective, yet safe, gentle, non-toxic and easy to administer.

“There are many people who own multiple types of pets, such as a horse and dog, and they have come to rely on ZYMOX products because of their effectiveness and that they’re antibiotic-free,” said Dan Archetti, National Sales Director with Pet King Brands. “Now these rural customers will be able to find these proven products under one roof at Orscheln’s chain of stores.”

Orscheln is a top farm and feed chain serving rural customers with one hundred and sixty-five stores located in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas. Orscheln is known for its broad selection of supplies for the farm and ranch, lawn/garden and pets and livestock. With the addition of ZYMOX, Orscheln is now be able to meet consumers’ additional needs by offering veterinarian-recommended alternatives to antibiotics which benefits both small animals and large livestock.

ZYMOX products that now can be purchased at Orscheln include the best-selling ZYMOX Ear Solution for managing problem ears; the ZYMOX Ear Cleanser to maintain clean healthy ears; and the ZYMOX Shampoo and Conditioner to manage itchy skin in small animals and problems such as rain rot and ringworm in large animals. For horses struggling with scratches, thrush and white line or dogs and cats with wounds or hot spots, the ZYMOX Topical Cream and ZYMOX Topical Spray are also available.

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