April 4, 2023

Pet Life Unlimited Launches in Walmart Doubling Down on their Commitment to Support Pet Parents with the Very Best to Care for the Pets They Love

Pet Life Unlimited continues to excite the pet care category announcing a nationwide launch at Walmart and Walmart.com, featuring their full suite of products that dog parents need to be the heroes their dogs already know they are.

Pet Life Unlimited product line.

Walmart and Pet Life Unlimited are committed to supporting pet parents with the very best to care for the pets they love. This launch introduces Pet Life Unlimited’s SmartPrints a best-in-class puppy pad that delivers multi-layered absorbency, stylish prints and a revolutionary fragrance technology that releases dog-friendly scents, when you need it most.

Walmart will also introduce Pet Life Unlimited’s unique and pet-parent-friendly products:

  • A one-handed Spray-n Shampoo, (featuring their Two-Way Spray applicator).
  • A range of Flea & Tick protection products like the non-aerosol, Daily Flea & Tick Spray designed to keep pests off your dog.
  • Home cleaning products specifically made for homes with pets.
  • An array of dog wipes designed for those hard to reach and sensitive areas.

“The team here is so excited as we imagine and invent products we use on and around our dogs every day. We demand that they live up to the values and standards every pet parent (and our pets!) deserve, while bringing joy and satisfaction to our everyday pet care routines”, said Lindsay Joyce, Pet Life Unlimited CEO. “We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Walmart, delivering on a shared vision to introduce a new kind of offering to this new generation of pet parents, it’s truly the perfect marriage for the Walmart shopper!”

With this expansion into Walmart, Pet Life Unlimited will now be available in upwards of 5,600 doors nationwide. Available in-store and online at Walmart, the Pet Life Unlimited assortment of dog products, like spray shampoos and cleansing wipes, start at $5.97, clean home products like stain & odor remover and carpet refresher start at $6.97, SmartPrint™ puppy pads start at $6.97 and the flea and tick items start at $11.97, For more information on Pet Life Unlimited’s full suite of pet parent products, visit My Pet Life or Walmart.

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