March 7, 2023

Pet Releaf, the No. 1 Pet CBD Brand, Sells Out of New Limited Ingredient CBD Shampoos & Conditioners on Day of Launch

After launching their new, award-winning line of CBD shampoos and conditioners in Fall 2022, Pet Releaf, the industry’s first and leading plant-based pet CBD brand, saw record interest from retailers and pet parents alike. Less than a day after becoming available, the grooming products sold out.

“As expected, we have seen that there is a high demand for all-natural pet shampoo and conditioner. While we expected the products to be popular, we were thrilled when they were all claimed within the first day of our launch,” said Co-Founder Chelsea Gennings.

The Pet Releaf team worked hard to restock all four of their Skin & Coat Releaf shampoos and conditioners, which are now available for purchase. The fast-selling topicals are veterinarian-formulated with all-natural, plant-based ingredients like organic aloe vera extract, organic chamomile and USDA organic full-spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD.

Both consumers and retailers have applauded the Skin & Coat Releaf line, which gives pet parents a safe, plant-based, limited-ingredient option for their dogs. The shampoos and conditioners are also hypoallergenic, dye-free, vegan-friendly, Pet PH-balanced, detergent-free, cruelty-free and sustainably made.

The bottles have been quickly picked up by Pet Releaf distribution partners such as Southeast Pet, Newco, Supreme Pet Supply, Independent Pet Supply, AFCO Distribution, Fauna Foods, Generation Pet, Frontier Distribution, Aloha Natural Pet Supply, Natural Animal Nutrition, Rio Grande, Sunburst Pet Supplies and Animal Supply Company. Although the grooming products continue to sell quickly, they are available for purchase at retailers and online.

Skin & Coat Releaf products include:

Skin & Coat Releaf Shampoo Itchy & Dry Skin Formula: For dogs that struggle with hot spots, dryness and scratching, this plant-based shampoo includes ingredients like organic aloe, organic oatmeal and organic full spectrum hemp extract with CBD to promote healthy, itch-free skin.

Skin & Coat Releaf Shampoo Sensitive Skin FormulaA fragrance-free, plant-based shampoo formulated with organic aloe, organic chamomile, organic calendula and organic full spectrum hemp extract with CBD, this sensitive formula is designed for dogs of any age sensitive to regular grooming products.

Skin & Coat Releaf 2-in-1 Shampoo and ConditionerFormulated with organic aloe, kelp, organic oat protein, shea butter and organic full spectrum hemp extract with CBD, this plant-based shampoo/conditioner is designed for dogs as an easy-to-use grooming product.

Skin & Coat Releaf Conditioner Soothing & Silkening FormulaFor dogs with coarse or long hair who need a little extra conditioning, this plant-based conditioner includes silk protein, argan oil and organic full spectrum hemp extract with CBD to give your dog a smooth, silky coat.

To learn more about Pet Releaf, visit Pet Releaf.

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