June 16, 2020

Pet Supermarket Shares Summer Recs and Tips

With the official start to summer in just a few days, and as pet owners begin to spend more time outdoors and on vacations, Pet Supermarket is sharing a few helpful tips and recommendations to make sure pet owners keep their furry friends safe and healthy this summer.

Proper Identification

It is recommended that if your pet is going to spend time outside, they should have updated identification on collars and tags, and/or that your pet’s digital information is up to date on their microchip profiles. Pet Supermarket also has LED collar covers for nighttime walks and smart tags for further ID.

Protect The Paws

A good rule of thumb for pet paw safety is that if the concrete is too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet’s paws! A dog’s paws can be just as sensitive as human skin when walking on pavement. If you are not able to keep the back of your hand on the hot surface for seven seconds, then it is too hot for them. Try walking in the grass or waiting until later in the day to go on a walk.

Flea & Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks are typically at their worst during the summer months. From collars to ointments, there are many different flea and tick preventatives that can help protect your pet from the various harmful diseases these insects may carry. Be sure to always consult your veterinarian for ongoing treatment advice.

Travel Safety

If you are traveling with your pet by car this summer, there are many things to consider in terms of safety. Experts recommend seat belt connectors to strap in your pet using a harness or a booster seatcarriers or backseat barriers to prevent climbing or movement while driving.

Hydration Is Key

If you are planning to go on long walks or hikes with your furry friends, it is essential that you bring along portable water bowls or bottles to help them stay hydrated. Panting, dry heaving and itchy skin are also signs to look out for when it comes to dehydration.

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