July 24, 2020

Pet Supermarket Staff Ready to Assist in Summer Safety Prep

From hurricane preparedness kits to hydration and heatstroke, here are a few things Pet Supermarket is reminding pet parents of in order to have a fun and safe summer:

Be Storm Ready:

As hurricane season begins and Americans continue to prepare for the unexpected, it’s important to triple check your emergency plans for your pets, too and be ready for the possible storms ahead.

Have a list of boarding facilities, veterinary practices and hotels not in your immediate area that accept pets (and under what circumstances).

Consider canned food or a water safe, locking container for dry food.

Purchase personal ID tags for your pet and any pet carriers. Be sure to include a primary and backup phone number.

Keep a recent photograph of your pet on hand should you become separated.

Pet Supermarket stores also have specifically noted “Storm Ready” products like carriers and collapsible bowls suitable for emergency situations.

Protect the Paws:

If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for their paw! Pet Supermarket staff can advise on outdoor disposable foot pads, paw protectants, moisturizers and even just ways to get your pet outside while staying safe and comfortable. Staff have advice and products for pet allergies to grass and bug bites as well.

Watch for signs of dehydration and heatstroke. Pet Supermarket staff can also offer tips for summer grooming, how to control fleas and ticks and even the best outdoor activities and how to travel with pets.

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