June 19, 2018

Pet Supplies Plus introduces Redford Naturals dog treats

On June 19, Pet Supplies Plus announced the addition of a dog treat assortment to its Redford Naturals product line, which will include a line of grain-free jerky treats. The treats are available at all Pet Supplies plus stores throughout the country.

Redford Naturals, which already has dry and wet foods for cats and dogs, will offer customers jerky treats made without additives, animal by-products, artificial preservatives or colors or flavors.

“Our neighbors view pets as a part of the family and are increasingly placing an importance on meals and treats they feed them,” said Pet Supplies Plus CEO Chris Rowland. “We’re happy to introduce dog treats into our Redford Naturals line and have focused a great deal on ensuring we’re creating quality products full of nutrients so that our neighbors can feel confident that they’re feeding their pets food that will improve their overall wellbeing,” Rowland said.

In its statement, the company said that the treats are slow-smoked and Made in the US with high quality ingredients, responsibly sourced both locally and from abroad in chicken, beef, salmon, duck and lamb flavors.


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