Pet Sustainability Coalition Launches Packaging Legislation Tracker May 30, 2024

Pet Sustainability Coalition Launches Packaging Legislation Tracker

As packaging regulations continue to evolve, staying ahead can be the key to maintaining a company’s edge in cost efficiency. That’s why, on May 29, the Pet Sustainability Coalition launched its new Packaging Legislation Tracker, to help companies navigate these changes efficiently. This new tool offers an immediate overview of the latest regulations, broken down by region, to help forecast potential increases in costs and explore preemptive adjustments to packaging strategies. The tool is free and available to the public.

The streamlined tool provides specific information about each regulation, how it affects operations and where to find more information. The Tracker allows companies to plan ahead, making informed decisions to adapt to new laws. The legislation currently included is based on thorough research and includes significant bills, directives, policies and regulations.

“This tool provides a comprehensive list of packaging-related regulations for the pet industry and can help companies piece together how it could apply to pet businesses and the type of packaging they work with,” according to Ali Boden, PSC’s Senior Packaging Program Manager. “This streamlined approach means you spend less time researching and more time implementing strategic changes that help you reduce costs, stay ahead of compliance needs and identify opportunities for sustainable growth.”

The Tracker includes a comprehensive overview of more than 100 pertinent regulations in four key regions: the US which includes state-by-state data, Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU). PSC looks to expand the tool to cover non-EU countries, Australia and New Zealand later this year.

The Tracker outlines the name of the regulation, the purpose and type, the date of enactment and enforcement, whether there are on-pack labeling implications, the type of business/sector most impacted, the material class affected and where to find further information. The tool is sortable and filterable to easily find specific and relevant information for the business. Because regulations are constantly changing, the tool will be updated biannually to stay as current as possible.

“Investing in sustainable packaging is a dual win: it helps you comply with increasingly strict regulations and positions your brand as a strategic leader in the sustainability movement,” explained Boden. “This isn’t just about compliance; it’s about being a part of the broader solution to environmental challenges, attracting eco-conscious consumers and employees alike.”

Learn more at Pet Sustainability Coalition.

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