July 13, 2022

Pet Wellness Direct Unveils All-Natural Flea Treatments

Pet Wellness Direct recently launched its new all-natural flea shampoo for dogs, VetSmart Formulas PROTECT Dog Shampoo, as well as its companion product, PROTECT Home + Pet Spray.

According to Co-CEO Russ Kamalski, pet owners are seeking healthier and natural alternatives to conventional flea treatments that contain pesticides, harsh chemicals and other potentially dangerous toxins after learning of pets suffering from seizures or getting sick after these products were used.

“Our customers tend to be very discerning when it comes to buying products for their beloved pets, so we knew we had to use the highest-quality ingredients and ensure that our products did a fantastic job of killing fleas and ticks while helping pets thrive,” Kamalski says. “We also wanted to make sure our flea shampoo for dogs was safe to use regularly all year round, so that no matter how stubborn the infestation, you’d be able to eradicate it completely and keep your house smelling clean and fresh with zero adverse effects on your pet.”

The key ingredients of the company’s proprietary formula are cedar oil, rosemary oil, lemongrass oil, coconut oil and aloe.”

He continued, “The oils are all proven flea killers and repellents, while having anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritated skin and conditioning agents that will replenish the skin and condition the fur. You can use the flea shampoo for dogs regularly on your pet and spray your carpets, furniture and bedding to kill bugs on sight, break the flea life cycle and prevent further infestations from occurring in your home. And our customers are telling us they love the natural fragrance.”

Kamalski says he finds stories about animals suffering adverse effects from conventional flea treatments especially frustrating because the chemicals used in such products aren’t necessary.

“There’s simply no need to expose your pet (or your family) to pesticides and toxins that may cause seizures or sicken your pet. You can make a powerful and effective flea shampoo for dogs entirely from plant-based sources that are perfectly safe for your pet and actually have positive side effects, such as healing skin irritations and leaving the fur soft, healthy and shiny,” he says. “So that’s what we did.”

VetSmart Formulas PROTECT Dog Shampoo and Home + Pet Spray can be found at Pet Wellness Direct and Amazon and are not available in retail stores.


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