July 31, 2017

Pet360 operations roll into Chewy.com

Pet360 is now Chewy.com, the online retailer that PetSmart acquired this past spring.

        Pet360, originally named PetFoodDirect, launched in 1999 after its founders decided to start an online service that delivers pet consumables to pet owners.

        Twelve year later, in 2012, Pet360 launched. Pet360 encompasses a network of more than 30 top pet websites, including petMD.com, Only Natural Pet and BlogPaws, all geared toward giving pet owners a platform to shop, engage and have access to tips and advice. The social media platform connects the pet industry to more than 12 million visitors per month and generates $100 million in revenues, according to reports.

        In 2014, PetSmart acquired Pet360 for $130 million in an effort to ramp up its e-commerce sales, according to media reports.

        Earlier this year, PetSmart made the biggest ecommerce acquisition in history, by swooping up Chewy.com. The ecommerce company saw explosive growth since its founding in 2011. The sale is expected to close by the end of PetSmart’s fiscal quarter of 2017. Media reports cite the price tag at $3.35 billion, although the terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

        PetSmart’s brick and mortar footprint encompasses more than 1,500 stores and 55,000 associates stretching across North America. Despite the company’s notable size, PetSmart is aware the next wave of consumers with buying power is online savvy and demand convenience and competitive prices. Chewy.com attracted attention for its fast rise and expanding yet under penetrated online pet retail segment.



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