Petco Love Celebrates Foster a Pet Month June 19, 2024

Petco Love Celebrates Foster a Pet Month

National nonprofit organization Petco Love celebrates June as National Foster a Pet Month to inspire communities to get involved and support their local animal shelters by temporarily fostering pets. Originally created by the organization in 2019, June as National Foster a Pet Month encourages people to foster a pet ahead of the most challenging summer months when animal shelters are overrun.

“Shelters across the nation are in crisis. And loving, happy, healthy pets are at risk of being euthanized simply due to lack of space. Pet fostering is the answer to eliminate unnecessary euthanasia of shelter pets. If just 2 percent more of the 87 million pet-owning households fostered just one pet a year, we could end euthanasia in America’s shelters tomorrow,” said Petco Love President, Susanne Kogut.

Kogut attributes the lifesaving success of a mid-sized shelter she led almost 20 years ago to their robust fostering program that increased pets in foster more than 600 percent. She is also a dedicated pet foster herself, having fostered more than 500 pets through the years. “Fostering is easier than people think,” said Kogut. “I encourage more people to just try it. Whether you foster for a short time or until a pet is ready for adoption, you will be giving that kitten, cat, puppy, adult dog or senior pet, a break from the shelter. Allowing them to experience your love and home will make all the difference in the world, especially if that pet faced euthanasia. Fostering saves lives.”

Young pet lover, 16-year-old Sophia Gillen from New Jersey heard the foster a pet message loud and clear. Inspired by Petco Love’s Foster a Pet Month, Sophia created a petition urging New JerseyGovernor Phil Murphy to prioritize pet fostering. Sophia’s advocacy led Governor Murphy to declare June as Foster a Pet Month in the state, marking a significant step in the nationwide effort to prioritize fostering pets.

Sophia’s journey began as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project, fittingly named “Phenomenal Foster Pets.” After eight months of dedicated communication with the governor’s office, her passion and perseverance resulted in this important recognition. She also created a fun lesson to teach scouts of all ages about the importance of fostering, how to advocate for shelter dogs and cats and how to earn a one-of-a-kind pet fostering patch.

“I want to inspire other Girl Scouts and young advocates to take similar actions in their states,” said Sophia Gillen. “Many animals can be saved when state leaders show their commitment to animal welfare. My hope is to see Foster a Pet Month recognized across all 50 states.”

“Sophia is an incredibly impressive young woman,” said Kogut. “Her drive and commitment to animal welfare at such a young age are truly inspiring. We are excited to highlight her achievements and support her goal of expanding this initiative nationwide.”

For more information on how to get involved with Foster a Pet Month, visit Petco Love’s website and join the conversation on social media using #PetcoLoveFoster.


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