Petco Love Investing Additional $1 Million in Fight Against Pet Cancer May 2, 2023

Petco Love Investing Additional $1 Million in Fight Against Pet Cancer

Petco Love and Blue Buffalo are partnering for the 14th annual May Pet Cancer Campaign and recognizing the $19 million impact made together in the fight against pet cancer, furthering pet cancer research and supporting treatment for pets in need.

“This was a difficult situation and I was heartbroken for Blake,” recalled Mike, whose retired disaster search dog was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his leg which required amputation, then chemotherapy. Thanks to the Petco Love Canine Cancer Fund through the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, the Chocolate Labrador made a full recovery. “The Petco Love Canine Cancer Grant alleviated a lot of stress and let me focus on my partner’s health instead of the hospital bill.”

The fund helps working canines, active or retired, who are diagnosed with various types of cancer.

“We know pets are family, and too many pet parents are facing the challenges a cancer diagnosis brings,” said Susanne Kogut, President of Petco Love. “We are proud to support treatment for pets with cancer and pet cancer research to save pets lives and to further Petco Love’s mission of making pet families closer, stronger and healthier.”

Petco Love works with 12 university veterinary oncology partners. Funded partners include Colorado State University Foundation; Cornell Veterinary College; LSU Foundation (Louisiana State University — LSU); North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation; The Ohio State University Foundation; Texas A&M Foundation; University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine; University of Florida Foundation; University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine; University of Tennessee Foundation; University of Wisconsin Foundation; and, the Virginia Tech Foundation.

Jubal, who is also featured in this year’s campaign, was treated for thymoma thanks to the Petco Love and Blue Buffalo Pet Cancer Treatment Fund through the University of Wisconsin Foundation. The fund supported Jubal’s surgery and now the cat is back to feeling like his healthy self again.

Throughout May, Petco Love and Blue Buffalo are driving awareness of pet cancer and the need for early detection, including sharing the ten warning signs of cancer in dogs and cats. Pet parents facing the challenges of pet cancer and struggling to cover the costs of veterinary treatment can also find resources here.

“Raising awareness for pet cancer and helping to fight this terrible disease is central to Blue Buffalo’s mission,” said Haley Perry, senior manager of consumer activation at Blue Buffalo. “We celebrate the treatment advances made to date, brought to life in the stories of Blake and Jubal, while working towards a day when cancer will no longer devastate the lives of our furry family members.”

From May 1, 2023, through May 28, 2023, Blue Buffalo is making a $1 donation to Petco Love for every purchase of Blue Buffalo dry food for dogs or cats made on Petco, up to $75,000. Anyone can also join the fight against pet cancer with Petco Love and help improve access to pet cancer treatment for pets and their families by donating at Petco.

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