August 30, 2023

PETconnect by IAMS Service Launches to Provide Immediate Online Access to Pet Experts

Having a pet can be joyous, and it can also leave pet parents with a lot of questions. Knowing this, the IAMS brand, proudly part of the Mars family of brands, is launching the IAMS service, to help provide pet parents with general nutrition and wellness advice and information about their cat or dog by connecting them with a Licensed Vet Technician or a Nutrition Advisor in real time.

The free, innovative digital service provides pet parents live access to expert nutrition and wellness advice and recommendations. Users can ask questions about their pet’s nutrition needs, such as when and how much to feed them, life stage behaviors as their pet grows, their general well-being and more, all of which is available immediately at their fingertips through the service, completely free with no login required.

“Having a pet is one of life’s greatest joys. But when our pets are not at their best, it can be incredibly stressful for pet parents to navigate the internet for the best advice and information on how to help keep their pets happy and healthy,” said Jean-Paul Jansen, Sr. Vice President of Marketing for Mars Petcare North America. “Through IAMS PETconnect, our IAMS brand is providing pet parents with a free, easily accessible service, further solidifying our ambition to keep pets healthy for life.”

Here is how PETconnect by IAMS service works:

  • Go to IAMS and click the PETconnect chat bubble in the bottom right corner.
  • To connect with a licensed vet tech, select the option: “Connect with a Vet Tech about Health and Wellness.” To connect with a nutrition advisor, select “Nutrition and Feeding.”
    • Answer a couple quick questions about you and your pet, then it’s time to connect to a real, live expert.
  • Pet experts are ready to assist you and will ask further questions to understand your pet. They will provide you with tailored advice and guidance.
  • Following the discussion, PETconnect by IAMS’ licensed vet techs or nutrition advisors may follow up with a summary of the conversation along with helpful resources.

With this peace of mind, pet parents everywhere can know PETconnect by IAMS service is a trusted, free resource that they can turn to when they need general nutrition and wellness advice and information.

For more information on the service, please visit IAMS.

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