PetDine Introduces its Latest Innovation in Pet Products with Nutritional Liquid Pet Food Toppers June 2, 2020

PetDine Introduces its Latest Innovation in Pet Products with Nutritional Liquid Pet Food Toppers

Improved nutrition for pets just got a little easier and tastier, thanks to a new line of liquid food toppers from an industry leader. It is the latest innovation from PetDine, LLC – a leading private-label manufacturer of customized pet products that helps entrepreneurs capitalize on business opportunities through development of custom pet products.

“Our liquid toppers are a unique concept in the pet product space as not only are they extremely tasty but they provide a high level of functionality. Pour-over products have become increasingly popular but we wanted to provide more than just a broth,” explained Preston Munsch, CEO, PetDine. “We are excited to offer in-demand product opportunities to help clients to differentiate their brands while providing outstanding nutrition for our beloved pets.”

PetDine’s liquid supplements have a higher and near-instant rate of absorption as compared to solids, pills and capsules that must be digested, broken down and then absorbed – delaying and limiting the supplement’s effect. Liquid toppers can be specifically formulated to act as a multi-vitamin or to aid the immune system, hips and joints, digestion, skin and coat or for calming. Likewise, the new food toppers make dry foods easier for older or picky animals to chew, improve hydration and boost flavor.

The company formulates and bottles the liquid food toppers in consultation with clients using variations of the more than 300 ingredients it has on hand – with all production done from its state-of-the-art liquid manufacturing facility in Harvard, Illinois, which is SQF-certified. PetDine’s liquid toppers also have the added benefit of a short manufacturing time that significantly reduces time-to-market for clients.

PetDine’s liquid pet food toppers are just one of a growing number of advances it has introduced this year. In recent weeks it also announced the opening of new manufacturing facility expanding its offerings of natural animal chews (bully sticks, bison bones, etc.). Both liquid pet food toppers and natural animal chews are among the fastest-growing segments of the pet health and wellness market.

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