January 13, 2022

PetDX and IDEXX Expand Access to OncoK9 the Cancer Liquid Biopsy Test for Dogs

The Liquid Biopsy Company for Pets, dedicated to unleashing the power of genomics to improve pet health, announced today a collaboration with IDEXX Laboratories, a global leader in pet healthcare innovation, to significantly broaden access to canine cancer liquid biopsy testing.

OncoK9, PetDx‘s pioneering liquid biopsy test for the detection of cancer in dogs, will be available later this month to all veterinary customers, in the United States and Canada, served by IDEXX Reference Laboratories.

“We are excited about IDEXX’s support of our noninvasive cancer testing solutions,” said PetDx Chief Operating Officer Kalle Marsal. “Working closely with the industry leader will accelerate our efforts to equip the market with this breakthrough innovation and ultimately benefit many dogs, their families and the veterinarians that manage their care.”

Launched in 2021, OncoK9 is the first and only liquid biopsy test for the detection of cancer-associated genomic alterations in dogs. Employing cutting-edge genomic analysis, OncoK9 leverages next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology and proprietary bioinformatics algorithms to offer new cancer-detection capabilities that empower veterinarians to provide superior care to canine patients. This collaboration will expedite access to this groundbreaking test that can be easily incorporated into the veterinary clinical routine with a simple blood draw.

Cancer is by far the leading cause of death in dogs, with an estimated 6 million new cancer diagnoses made each year in the US population of approximately 90 million pet dogs. In the CANDiD (CANcer Detection in Dogs) Study, which enrolled more than 1,000 dogs, OncoK9 demonstrated the ability to detect cancer with sensitivity and specificity performance mirroring that of liquid biopsy tests recently developed for cancer screening in human patients. Results of this clinical validation study have been submitted for publication to a leading peer-reviewed journal and are summarized in a white paper on the PetDx website.

PetDx and IDEXX are both exhibitors at the VMX conference; they can be found in the expo hall at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla, Jan. 15-19, 2022.


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