May 20, 2020

PETEDGE Announces Launch of its New Website

Boss Pet Products, and its PETEDGE division, a leading distributor of wholesale professional pet grooming equipment and supplies, is inviting visitors to explore their new website.

“The new website has been designed with our customer’s experience in mind,” said Chris Miller, President of Boss Pet Products. “Pet Professionals are extremely busy people and our objective is to make finding and purchasing the products they need as easy as possible while providing an enjoyable hassle-free buyer experience.”

The new website has a clean uncluttered design, improved functionality with enhanced images and product information providing easy navigation across PetEdge’s broad portfolio of professional pet products.

New features include:

  • Enhanced Content providing customers better product visuals and information
  • Mobile Optimized allowing customers full-service access via mobile devices
  • Intelligent Filtering creating easy navigation
  • Persistent Shopping Cart allowing Customer’s cart to remain active while returning later to complete their purchase
  • Related Products helping provide customers full solution
  • Rapid Response Functionality makes the site compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.
  • Advanced Search Optimization to help customers find our site and search products

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