July 1, 2020

PetHub, Partners Mark National Lost Pet Prevention Month with Extra Resources for Pet Parents

PetHub, a leader in modern pet identification, is commemorating National Lost Pet Prevention Month (LPPM) this July, working with 17 industry partners, to go “back to the basics” of lost pet prevention and share content and resources to help pet parents keep their pets safe at home.

Established by PetHub in 2014, the annual event is designed to give pet parents focused, in-depth resources, tools and strategies for preventing a pet from becoming lost, as well as advice for getting them home quickly if they go missing.

According to the National Council of Pet Population Study & Policy and the American Humane Society, more than 10 million pets are lost each year (that’s one pet every 3 seconds). In addition, Shelter Animals Count reports that just 17.4 percent of lost dogs and 2.8 percent of lost cats in shelters return home to their owners. While there is no way to ensure a pet will never become lost, PetHub – along with many of the LPPM partners – help pet parents prepare to effectively find their pet quickly and safely if they do become lost.

“We started PetHub in 2010 to combat the issue of low ‘return to owner’ rates for lost animals,” said Lorien Clemens, PetHub’s Chief Operating Officer. “We care about pets and their owners, so we started Lost Pet Prevention Month to drive a deeper conversation about the variety of tools and resources available for lost pet prevention and recovery.”

Clemens said pet identification is an integral part of lost pet prevention and recovery. Much like a four legged stool (too few legs and the stool will fall over), standard pet identification should include external ID tags, microchips, local registration, and multiple identification points.

Throughout July, pet parents can learn about lost pet prevention and recovery techniques, like pet identification, from PetHub and other LPPM partners. Other topics will include traveling with pets, collars and leashes, creating the right environment for pets, behavioral tips, licensing 101 and more.

“We have a great lineup of partners this year,” Clemens said. “Every year I am blown away by how many companies, industry experts and bloggers contribute to helping educate pet parents about how to prevent pets from getting lost, and what to do should their pet go missing as part of this month’s campaign.”

In addition, LPPM partners are extending discounts and deals to support pet parents. For example, PetHub will offer a 25 percent discount on ReadyKits – a bundle of PetHub’s top selling identification products – and DogTV will provide a 30-day trial of their scientifically designed television for dogs.

The full list of 2020 partners include: Bark & Swagger, Because Animals, Dog is Good, Dogo App, DogTV, Earth Heart, FetchFind, Go Pet Friendly, Pet Living with Kristen Levine, Pet Sitters International, PetHub, Project Blue Collar, San Diego Humane Society, Shed Defender, Sunny-Dog Ink, The Chesnut Mutts, The Dog Gurus and Unique Pet Care.

Many additional resources and special opportunities for pet parents will be posted on PetHub and partner websites, social media accounts, and media outlets; all content will be available here.

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