Petix partners with Newco Distributors February 18, 2019

Petix partners with Newco Distributors

On Feb. 18, 2019 WizSmart All Day Dry Premium Dog Pads, manufactured by Petix, announced they have expanded their distribution by partnering with California-based Newco Distributors. A family-owned and operated company, Newco has a history of supporting local, independently-owned pet businesses. By teaming up with Petix, Newco will bring WizSmart’s line of products to retailers in California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.

“We’ve had a large demand from stores in Southern California, which is a huge market, and we’re eager to be able to fulfill them now thanks to this new partnership,” said Krister Holm, GM at Petix. “Newco has a highly regarded reputation in the industry for successfully working work with small pet businesses, in addition to supporting holistic, top-of-the-line brands and we’re confident that WizSmart will fit right into their product lineup,” Holm said.

WizSmart is available in three varieties, including WizSmart Super, WizSmart Ultra and WizSmart Ultra XL. The pads accommodate dogs of all sizes, as well as households with multiple dogs.


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