March 29, 2024

PETKIT Debuts AI-Powered Next Generation Cat Litter Boxes at GPE 2024

PETKIT, a leader in smart pet care solutions, unveiled at Global Pet Expo last week the PUROBOT ULTRA WITH CAMERA – a groundbreaking, AI-powered cat litter box capable of multi-cat recognition, stool monitoring and data-driven analyses through its integrated rotating camera. This innovative product marks the first time in the smart pet care industry that a single solution can provide AI-backed in-depth analysis of a pet’s health insights, offering preventative care for pets’ welfare.

At the event, Wei Ke (W.K) Guo, Founder of PETKIT, acknowledged a pressing concern among pet owners cited by the American Pet Products Association (APPA): “Seven out of ten people have expressed concerns regarding their pets’ overall well-being, as pets cannot communicate their needs. PETKIT aims to bridge this gap and make a difference.”

“The PUROBOT ULTRA WITH CAMERA’s breakthrough is its ability to elevate from monitoring mere toilet frequency and duration to actual real-time animal behavioral tracking,” said Guo. “Powered by the AI camera, it can now not only follow your cat’s movements before and during its visit within its capture range but also monitor and analyze stool characteristics backed by algorithms. This AI-powered cat litter box solution covers all aspects of a pet’s toilet behavioral insights. We’re confident this game-changing product will quickly become a must-have for pet parents.”

Guo emphasized PETKIT’s focus on a one-of-a-kind ecosystem showcased at GPE 2024. This ecosystem enables closed-loop communication between pets and owners by offering insights into daily activities across all aspects of a pet’s life. Guo stressed that one-sided data focusing on a single aspect is insufficient for a full analysis.

“Our ecosystem provides pet parents with vital multi-dimensional insights,” Guo stated. “For instance, changes in toileting patterns alone may not indicate abnormalities, but when combined with drinking and eating patterns, a more comprehensive analysis is possible.”

PETKIT’s ecosystem represents an integrated, multi-faceted approach to pet monitoring and care. Leveraging interconnected smart products and intelligent data analysis for a holistic understanding of pet health. By continuously monitoring multiple routines and health indicators, it enables proactive intervention and personalized care tailored to each pet’s unique needs.

The PUROBOT ULTRA WITH CAMERA will launch May 20, 2024. Discover more about PETKIT’s pioneering pet care solutions at PETKIT’s.

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