April 18, 2024

PetPlace Launches New Pet Adoption Features to Tackle Overcrowding in Animal Shelters

Today, PetPlace.com unveils new ways to find your next pet to adopt, as animal shelters and rescues continue to work tirelessly to keep pace with the consistent influx of dogs, cats and other pets looking for homes. As of the end of 2023, the animal shelter population grew by nearly a quarter of a million animals (Shelter Animals Count) with many organizations reaching or at capacity. PetPlace’s new adoption features will allow potential pet owners to seamlessly match with more than 270,000 adoptable pets from nearly 8,700 animal shelters and rescue groups across the U.S. and Canada as part of its overarching mission to help speed up the often-lengthy adoption process and create a world where pet care is easy for all.

“Our hearts go out to the countless pets still awaiting their forever homes in overcrowded and overworked shelters. PetPlace’s new adoption features are our commitment to help change that narrative,” said Sam Watson, President of PetPlace. “With one of the largest networks of shelters and thousands of pets eagerly awaiting adoption, PetPlace is uniquely positioned to make a significant impact on the process of pet adoption.”

Through PetPlace, potential adopters are able to create an account, set up search alerts, save favorites and search adoptable pets based on cat and dog species, breed, location, gender, age and size. A few additional notable features that are unique to PetPlace include:

  • A survey function that will allow each user to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire about their lifestyle and interests to help shelters and rescues get to know potential adopters better and help connect them to the pet that best fits their lifestyle.
  • An inquiry function that gives users the ability to connect with a shelter, share their adopter details and send a request about an available pet with a few simple clicks.

To celebrate these new adoption features – and ahead of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day on April 30 – PetPlace.com is featuring a limited “Worth the Wait” gallery spotlighting and covering the adoption fees for 15 dogs and cats who have spent a collective 8,281 days in shelters across the country. Each animal has their own distinct personality and, together, represent the amazingly adoptable animals everywhere who are more than ready to find their forever homes.

Examples include:

  • Copper – Georgetown, Texas: Copper is a 6-year-old mixed-breed deaf dog who has been at Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter for nearly a full year, after his owner surrendered him in May 2023. Despite being hard of hearing, Copper still knows tricks through American Sign Language, including commands for no, sit, wait, potty, come, ball, treat, food and water. Copper enjoys car rides, walks, being close to his people, lounging, being brushed and belly rubs. He dislikes his people leaving (which makes his extended stay even more heartbreaking) and can be stubborn about sharing toys and treats with other dogs. He’s looking for a forever home that can shower him with love and compliments, even if he can’t hear them.
  • LL Cool J – Anderson, South Carolina: This 2.5-year-old heartthrob is a neutered, vaccinated and microchipped male dog, weighing approximately 58 pounds (though he’s likely gained a bit since his last weigh-in). While LL Cool J’s breed is a delightful mystery, his personality shines through as a charming mix of affection and playfulness. Rescued as a stray on Sept. 25, 2023, LL Cool J is heartworm vaccinated. LL Cool J’s hobbies include indulging in tasty treats and romping around with his beloved toys. He’s a social butterfly, enjoying the company of other dogs. With his irresistible charm and playful demeanor, LL Cool J is ready to steal the hearts of his family forever.
  • Charlotte and Max – Dallas, Texas: Meet Princess Charlotte, a charming feline with a heart of gold! Despite facing challenges with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), she embraces life with gusto. Charlotte’s mild wobbliness doesn’t hinder her spirit; she’s a determined explorer, mastering stairs and adapting swiftly. Her affectionate nature craves companionship, reveling in belly rubs and following her human like a shadow. Charlotte’s perfect litter box manners and love for scratching posts make her an ideal indoor companion. While she adores feline friends, she’d thrive in a home without dogs or small children due to her disability. Charlotte is part of a bonded duo with her brother Max, offering comfort and security to each other. Together, they promise double the joy and love. If you’re ready to open your heart and home to this courageous princess and her loyal companion, prepare for endless purrs and cuddles.

PetPlace will cover the adoption fees for the 15 “Worth the Wait” pets and hopes these stories will inspire many others to learn more about the countless pets who deserve to find a loving permanent home. If interested in learning more, please check it out here.

These new adoption features are the first of many updates PetPlace.com will roll out during 2024 and beyond to support pet parents at every step of the adoption journey, including post-adoption when there are often fewer resources available. PetPlace is focused on a world where getting a pet is simple, wellbeing is paramount, and pet parents confidently care for their pets throughout their life. PetPlace is looking forward to future enhancements to support shelters and rescues manage and coordinate the adoption process. Their mission is to add functionality that will streamline the workload to free up time and resources for the shelter and make an enjoyable adoption experience for the shelter/rescue, adopter and pet alike.

For more information about PetPlace and these animals, please visit PetPlace.

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